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The story of ADHD Sheppey

Unveiling our beginnings, our progress and beyond.

In 2012, a beacon of hope and support emerged in our community.

ADHD Sheppey was born from a pressing need for guidance and understanding for families navigating the complex world of ADHD.

Since then, ADHD Sheppey has blossomed.

From a modest beginning, to a thriving hub of support, education and empowerment for individuals and families affected by ADHD.


The birth of a supportive community

Born from the belief that no family should face the ADHD journey alone, and the the lack of local resources and support, a dedicated group came together to form a comprehensive support system.

As our group expanded, so did our services and the diversity of our members. We now have specialised youth support workers to help children and teens build confidence and resilience.


Nurturing growth and development

A pillar of support for parents and carers

Led by Beverley Nolker, an accredited ADHD and Executive Function Coach, our parent and carer group is integral to ADHD Sheppey. 💛

Beverley's workshops provide valuable insights into the intricacies of executive functions, offering practical strategies for supporting children's development in areas like organisation, time management, and emotional regulation.


Our journey continues

Together, we can create a world where every individual with ADHD is empowered to reach their full potential.


Looking forward

As we look ahead, we remain dedicated and focused on expanding our reach and enhancing our programs.


Empowering support

We are committed to continuously being a beacon of support, education and advocacy for all affected by ADHD.

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