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Introducing Beverley

Eleven years ago, driven by a desire to fill the gap in community support for ADHD, Beverley founded ADHD Sheppey.


Beverley Nolker

Our founder and accredited ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Her journey is not just professional; it's deeply personal.

Being diagnosed with ADHD and Autism herself, Beverley's life is a testament to turning challenges into strengths.

She uses her personal experiences to fuel a mission of empowerment and understanding for others navigating similar paths.

Personal experience to community empowerment

Beverley's intimate understanding of ADHD is rooted in her own life and her neurodivergent family.


Personal journey to professional mission

Over the years, her family's journey has provided her with invaluable insights and practical knowledge on supporting and nurturing neurodivergent individuals. This laid the foundation for what would become her life's work.


Modest beginnings to vital support

What started as a modest initiative has flourished under her leadership, becoming a vital source of support, education, and advocacy for countless individuals and families affected by ADHD.

A lifelong commitment to learning and development

Beverley's academic and professional credentials are as impressive as her commitment to the ADHD community.


Training at iACT and beyond

Beverley studied at the Laurie Dupar International ADHD Coaching Center (iACT) in America. Her expertise is further enhanced by her qualifications as a Neuro Linguistic Programming and TimeLine Therapy Life Coach and Practitioner.


Beverley's journey of learning

With a background as a teacher holding QTLS, Canterbury Christchurch University alum, her educational journey reflects a pursuit of knowledge. In 2020, her understanding of neurodiversity in the workplace earned her the Neurodiversity at Work qualification. 


Advancing neurodiversity support

Her commitment to expanding her expertise in supporting neurodiverse individuals in various settings is evidenced by her recent completion of the Anna Freud National Autism Programme for CAMHS and community settings.

An ADHD life coach. A symbol of positive change.

Understanding, accepting, and embracing the full spectrum of neurodiversity.

Bringing lived experience to the coaching table

Blending professional knowledge with lived experience, creating a unique and empathetic approach to coaching. 💕

This blend of expertise and empathy enables her to connect with, support, and empower those she works with in a deeply meaningful way.

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