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123 Magic Positive Parenting

Learn positive parenting with the 123 Magic Programme, offering tools to manage behaviour and nurture a loving home.

Transforming family dynamics

This programme is ideal for parents and caregivers seeking to cultivate harmony, respect, and cooperation within their family.

2 hours/week

3 weeks


£75 pp

*In-person rates on request, enquire below.

💁‍♀️ Workshop overview

The 123 Magic Positive Parenting Programme is more than just a set of techniques; it's a pathway to a more peaceful, positive, and enjoyable family life.

Programme highlights


Easy-to-follow discipline:

Learn the straightforward "123 Magic" approach to discipline that emphasises calm, non-confrontational interactions and helps manage difficult behaviour effectively.

Encouraging positive behaviour:

Unlock the secrets to encouraging and reinforcing positive behaviour in your children, creating a supportive atmosphere that promotes mutual respect and understanding.

Effective communication:

Master communication techniques that enhance clarity and emotional connection with your child, ensuring your messages are heard and understood.

Managing emotions:

Gain insights into emotional regulation for both parents and children, fostering resilience and emotional intelligence within your family.

Building strong relationships:

Strengthen your parent-child relationship through shared activities, positive reinforcement, and consistent routines that build trust and security.

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