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Greetings ADHD warriors, families and allies!

Welcome to ADHD Sheppey, a community that is dedicated to embracing the vibrant journey of ADHD on the Isle of Sheppey and beyond!

Empowering the ADHD community

ADHD Sheppey is more than just a website; it's a hub for understanding, support and celebration.

Whether you're navigating ADHD yourself or supporting a loved one, this space is for you.

We're here to foster connections, share experiences, and empower each other on this unique adventure.

Educate. Enrich. Empower.

Dive into our ADHD workshop series, where knowledge meets empowerment.


Community connection

Let's foster a community of shared stories, support, and humour for ADHD warriors, parents, educators, and professionals navigating the journey together.


Celebrating neurodiversity

ADHD is not a one-size-fits-all experience. It's a spectrum of strengths, quirks, and incredible potential. Let's celebrate neurodiversity, and the richness that each individual brings.


Supportive environment

Whether you're seeking advice, sharing successes, or looking for support, you've found a welcoming space. Together, we foster understanding, patience, and unwavering support.

Events and resources

Stay tuned for exciting events, resources, and articles. 🎉

All tailored to the unique needs of our community. From workshops to shared insights, we're committed to providing valuable information that empowers you on your journey.

Join our community

Stay informed, connected, and supported! Join our mailing list for resources, updates and events.

Thank you for joining our community! 💛

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