This weekly task sheet helps your young person itemise work that needs completing and also gives them prompts to reward themselves for a job well done!

This prompt is a way of helping your young person to communicate their needs, particularly if they are feeling stressed or anxious.  

This is the blank version so that you are able to pick and choose which prompts work best for your young person.


The Problem Solve-meter is a method of explaining to young people that asking for help is a brilliant way of reaching their goal, just as much as finding the solution on their own.

My Action Plan for World Domination helps your young person take responsibility for their tasks/chores/homework and helps to reduce the nagging!

Unique Awesome You is a prompt to help your young person recognise their amazing traits and abilities.  Complete it with them and put it in a prominent position to be seen!


Our Reflective Rainbow is a great activity to encourage young people to focus on their positive traits.  If they struggle to complete it, do it as a family activity to make it more special.

We have created a 30-page Summer Fun Activity booklet full of Scavenger Hunts, Colouring Spot the Difference and much more.  Download and print and enjoy!

Use this AWESOME COUPONS to reward your young person or even to acknowledge something amazing they have achieved!  How about an Awesome Coupon just for being AWESOME?!

Here is the Christmas menu, place settings and 'Would You Rather' template.  Giving your child responsibility and a healthy dose of praise once they have completed it will boost their self esteem!

The ADHD Petal Effect.  Print off the image and add your incredible ADHD qualities to the petals.  Nurture the flower and it will blossom, each year, stronger than ever!

An alternative scavenger hunt where you can determine what the rewards are.  It could be time on their game/YouTube.  Maybe a cinema treat at home with popcorn.  Whatever motivates your child!