Acceptance is Key!

Posted by on June 2, 2021 at 7:30 AM


Today, some parents told me, at the end of a coaching session, that I have helped them learn to ACCEPT the ADHD diagnosis and work WITH it to help their child rather than against it.


That wasn't a goal at the beginning of our time together but it's one I'll take for the win! Today, we worked on the amazing strengths of a young lad with ADHD. One of which is his incredible knowledge of dinosaurs! I incorporated his strength into our session, today, and he was attentive and interested for 40 minutes.


I love being able to change the narrative and instead of a pre-organised session on Mindfulness, I had prepared a dinosaur meditation, specifically for him. He listened intently and for five minutes was able to give me his full attention.


Mindfulness and Meditation have been proven to increase grey matter by up to 6% and they are an important addition to any ADHD toolbox. Just find a way that works for you - mix it up!

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